Connection Is What Makes This Place Special

Father Jeff talks about Wonder of the Transfiguration. Phil Richter talks about his faith journey growing up Catholic and what he appreciates about St. Peter’s faith community.

In his message, Father Jeff recommends the movie Wonder.

Click on the gospel reading Mark 9:2-10 to read it or listen to it in our recording below. Click on the white triangle in the black bar-shaped player below to listen to the scripture and sermon now or click on the link labeled: Download below the player to save an audio mp3 file for listening later.

Honest, Open-Minded, And Willing


Imagine inviting God to enter the room first. Father Jeff offers this practice as a way to live mindfully a life of compassion and love. By being honest, open-minded and willing we have a chance to enter the alternative life that Christ offers called the Kingdom of God.

The gospel Matthew 17:1-9 (click for text) is available written or listen to it read by The Rev. Deacon Betty Bianchi in the recording below. Click on the white triangle in the black bar shaped player below to listen now or click on the link: Download below the player to save a mp3 file for listening later.