Historical Surveys and Reports


In 2008, Carson City retained the services of architect Peter Serafin of Carter + Burton P.L.C., and architectural historian J. Daniel Pezzoni of Landmark Preservation Associates, to document and prepare historic structure reports for three buildings in the Carson City Historic District: First United Methodist Church, Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, and Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church Rectory.

Fieldwork undertaken in March 2008 and subsequent research documented the physical condition, architectural characteristics and development, and historic associations of the buildings. The historic structure reports present the findings of the documentation in text, photographs, and plan and elevation drawings. The reports also make rehabilitation recommendations in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and discuss the potential National Register eligibility of the buildings.

The final reports from the St. Peter’s surveys are available here in PDF files:

 Historic Survey of St. Peter’s Church Building

 Historic Survey of the Rectory

These are large files, it may take extra time for them to open.