Preparing Our Way for the Homeless

Father Jeff Paul tells us that God’s Peace is not the peace of the imperial power but based on Participation, Partnership, letting go of selfish, self-centered ends. This is the way that God would have us define ourselves how God would have us live. We have a practical follow up by Deacon Craig LaGier with the invitation to and description of the overnight homeless ministry that St. Peter’s help host.

Can you define the way God wants you to live with a line from the scriptures like John did in the John reading today? Father Jeff shares his:

For God alone my soul in silence waits, from God comes my life. – Psalm 62:1

You can read the scripture by clicking: Isaiah 61:1-11, the Song of Mary in Luke 1:39-56John 1:6-28 or listen to the John reading in our recording below.  Click on the white triangle in the black bar-shaped player below to listen to the scripture and sermon now or click on the link labeled: Download below the player to save an audio mp3 file for listening later.