What Does It Look Like To Be Wise

In the midst of the message about how to wise or foolish which includes the prayer below, Thomas (Tom) Streenan talks about his experience as a senior and a senior warden.

Lord, teach us the power of a generosity that interrupts the logic of scarcity with the extravagant self-giving of divine love. Amen.

Father Jeff talks about a faithful response to the gun violence in church in the light of a message about what it looks like to be faithful in this world. He qutoes from an October 5th, 2017 post by former Disciples of Christ minister Jan Linn “Oh, The National Myths We Tell Ourselves

We are the most violent society among Western nations and we are the only one with no serious gun laws.

To deny the connection is to suggest that individual Americans are just more deranged than people in other countries, that our problem is not guns, but having more than our share of crazy people who do bad things with guns before good people with guns can stop them. – Jan Linn

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