Intro to Community Organizing – June 16

Saturday, June 16th, 9:30am-12pm in the parish hall at St Peter’s Carson City we are hosting Paul Turner, IAF Organizer of Nevadans For the Common Good in Las Vegas. Paul and several members of NCG will be telling us about their organizing efforts in the south and discussing the possibility of starting an organizing effort in the Reno Tahoe Carson area.
~ For those involved with ACTIONN in Reno, a mobilizing effort, this is straight community organizing, listening to people from all corners of the community and connecting civic-minded entities to build relationships for positive systemic change in our communities.
~ For those involved with CIRCLES, this is akin to the effort that reaches out to community leaders to create partnerships with families in poverty, only on a larger scale.
~ For those involved with FISH or other front-line agencies, this would engage in advocacy on behalf of the indigent and those in crisis in our communities.
~ For those involved in church or synagogue or temple outreach, this is the kind of effort Deacons make on behalf of their faith communities.
Please pass this invitation along to others. It’s an exciting opportunity to build deeper relationships for positive change in Northern Nevada.