What Does A Faithful Life Look Like?

Pastor Jeff reviews the last parts of Matthew starting with Matthew 21 to explore what a faithful life looks like. Part of the message and the answer to what a faithful lives looks like is the Third Step Prayer from the Recovery community as used at St. Peter’s:

God, we offer ourselves to You – To build and do with us as You will.
Relieve us of the bondage of self, that we may better do God’s will.
See us through our difficulties, as our lives our witness,
we claim our place in the communion of the saints
as a witness to Your Power, Your Love, and Your Way of life.
May we do your will always!

You can read the scripture by clicking: Judges 4:1-7 or Matthew 25:14-30 or listen to portions of the Matthew 25 reading in our recording below.  Click on the white triangle in the black bar-shaped player below to listen to the scripture and sermon now or click on the link labeled: Download below the player to save an audio mp3 file for listening later.