What’s On Your Playlist?

The Rev. Kimberly Morgan, Associate Priest at St. Peter’s, invites us to update our phone’s playlist or even our mental jukebox to include Psalms of comfort and strength for the journey. She explores how the people of Jesus’ time and before trusted the Psalms to lift their spirits and calm their hearts in times of trial and uncertainty. Come for the Karaoke, stay for the inspiration.

Trust is not relevant or applicable until there is a reason to despair.
– Rev. Kimberly Morgan

Psalm 23 is available to read by clicking here. The gospel, John 10:1-10, is available to read (click for sermon text) or listen to the gospel read by The Rev. Deacon Betty Bianchi in the recording below. Click on the white triangle in the black bar-shaped player below to listen to the sermon now or click on the link labeled: Download below the player to save a mp3 file for listening later.