The Jewish Boy with No Bucket

Using the meeting at a the well between a “Jewish Boy with No Bucket” and a “Samaritan Lady with No Husband”. Father Jeffery Paul talks about imagining a world where we are connected and not separated. He quotes the way to Joy from the book. The Book of Joy:

“What the Dalai Lama and I are offering,” the Archbishop added, “is a way of handling your worries: thinking about others. You can think about others who are in a similar situation or perhaps even in a worse situation, but who have survived, even thrived. It does help quite a lot to see yourself as part of a greater whole.” Once again, the path of joy was connection and the path of sorrow was separation. When we see others as separate, they become a threat. When we see others as part of us, as connected, as interdependent, then there is no challenge we cannot face—together.”
― Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Our readings are from Exodus 17:1-7 and Psalm 95 (click for texts) The gospel John 4:5-42 (click for sermon text) is available written or listen to it read by The Rev. Deacon Betty Bianchi in the recording below. Click on the white triangle in the black bar shaped player below to listen now or click on the link: Download below the player to save a mp3 file for listening later.