The Former Rectors of St. Peter’s

In 2008, the women of St. Peter’s began work on the St. Peter’s History Project.  Our goal is to create and expand our display of historic photographs: former rectors, buildings, and Carson City as we have grown over 145 years together.   This is a work in progress.   Here is a part of our history in photographs.

The Rev. William Maxwell Reilley, first missionary priest of St. Peter’s.  Served Nov 1863 – Jun 1868


The Rev George B. Allen, first Rector of St. Peter’s. Served Aug 1868 – Dec 1875 and saw the building constructed.

Probably Fr. Eddie



The Rev. H. A. R. Ramsey. Served Dec 1905 – Nov 1906


Fr. Powell

The Rev Charles S. Mook. Served Feb 1919 – Nov 1920 and saw electric lights installed in the building.


The Rev. Richard R. Houssell. Served Sep 1956 – Dec 1958

The Rev. Arthur S. Kean. Served Oct 1935 – Aug 1956

The Rev. Milton J. Hersey. Served May 1925 – Aug 1934

Fr. Murgotten



The Rev. Andrew P. Daughters. Served May 1959 – Mar 1962